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Not Zed wrote:

| Sounds like a great contributory project.  Use evolution-data-server
| api's, which can be used without evolution running, to achieve this.
| Via code you can access all the information you need to achieve this via
| cron.  Python would be an ideal language for it too (well, if it rocks
| your boat).
| Unfortunately - no such tool currently exists ...

well, I am ready to take the challenge!

I would like to write it using python. Therefore, I have two options:

- -know the berkeleydb record format used.
- -wrap a C library that interacts with the storage. (ebook?)

- --> any advise here? I'll start digging.


| On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 07:58 +0200, Stan Pinte wrote:
|>some of my users would like to have a web page, accessible from home,
|>wich would contain all their contacts...
|>is it possible to export the contacts in the local addressbook (using a
|>script), in a readable format?
|>we could then easely generate HTML...
|>My vision of that stuff is using a lib (libebook? documented
|>somewhere?), wrapped in python, to automate the export.
|>thanks a lot.
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