Re: [Evolution] export local addressbook to HTML by cron

Sounds like a great contributory project.  Use evolution-data-server api's, which can be used without evolution running, to achieve this.

Via code you can access all the information you need to achieve this via cron.  Python would be an ideal language for it too (well, if it rocks your boat).

Unfortunately - no such tool currently exists ...

On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 07:58 +0200, Stan Pinte wrote:

some of my users would like to have a web page, accessible from home,
wich would contain all their contacts...

is it possible to export the contacts in the local addressbook (using a
script), in a readable format? 

we could then easely generate HTML...

My vision of that stuff is using a lib (libebook? documented
somewhere?), wrapped in python, to automate the export.

thanks a lot.


Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>

Ximian Evolution and Free Software Developer

Novell, Inc.

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