Re: [Evolution] spam filtering via evo with an alternate mailbox?

Dan Stromberg wrote:

Thanks for the suggestion.

I too have had spamassassin set up through procmail, and prefer to do it
this way.  However, in this case, that means spamassassin is still
running on our mail/NIS server, which means ypserv will continue to get

I turned to doing the filtering via evolution, because then I expect the
filtering will be done on a different machine - one which doesn't have
problems associated with high load.
I'm sure that there are a zillion ways to do this, but I've been thinking about it a bit and came up with another idea. Could you have your .forward send your mail to your local desktop for processing by procmail, and have procmail write to an nfs-mounted home directory on the mail server? (or rsync, or ftpmirror, or a million other options.)

At this point I'm using procmail to whitelist the "friendlies" and whack the most obvious spam based on pattern recognition. Once that is done, I hand off to spamassassin at the end to check for additional spam types.

I've stayed a bit clear of the client-side filtering because I use lots of different machines, and I don't want to have to configure a boatload of boxes to do the filtering.

I guess if you want a scalable solution it may involve adding another box to handle ypserv, or finding flavors of mail and name services that play together nicely.

Hope this helps.

Tom Cooper

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