Re: [Evolution] spam filtering via evo with an alternate mailbox?

On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 01:59, Dan Stromberg wrote:
Anyway, I set up a filter which "Pipes message to shell command"
spamassassin -e (with a hard path), and refiles the message if there's a
nonzero exit status to my "evospam" folder.

If you gets lot of mail you will probably want to start the spamd,
otherwise a new process of SA will be started for each message using a
LOT of memory.  With spamd a single process uses the same amount of
memory but all futere child processes use a lot less memory.

to do this you need to:
* start spamd (I use spamd -d -c -a but you may want to look into the
other options)
* edit your filter to look like:
pipe message to shell command "spamc -c" does not return "0"
(without the quotes, I just put them here to mark the exact commands)
* test by selecting one or two message and pressing ctrl-y (apply
* make sure that this rule is triggered before any other rule that might
match this message!


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