Re: [Evolution] Character encoding and expunge?

Not Zed wrote:
On Sun, 2004-05-23 at 21:17 +0200, BjÃrn T Johansen wrote:


Mainly, evol. doesn't show every mail correctly regarding character
enconding.. Some mail looks like this..:

Subject: Hva som skal st=?ISO-8859-1?B?5Q==?=
I mail som sendes u

Why isn't this shown like this ??:

Subject: Hva som skal stà I mail som sendes u

This works like charm with both thunderbird and also kmail.

This is a broken encoding. I guess the must have workarounds. rfc2047 is _very explicit_ about the fact you must separate encoded words with linear whitespace being a MUST implementation detail.

File a bug against the mailers who are sending the mail.

Although evolution might have another workaround for another set of broken emailers out there, we're in no rush to do it, since its their issue, not ours. And nobody's submitted a patch.

Ok, I know that the error probably wasn't evolution's fault but I was just thinking that evol. should have a workaround for this since "everyone" else has it...

And also, when using IMAP, why isn't the seen flag marked when I have
read the email? I have to eg. go to another folder en back again to make
sure the mail is marked as read..

Do you mean on the server? It isn't synced till you expunge or change folders.

Yes, on the server... I am reading mail from several different computers and it's just a bit annoying that the mail I have already read on one computer is still marked as new when I read mail from another computer...

Another thing, I use a couple of different email identities. The only way to have two identities in evol. is to make an extra empty account?


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