Re: [Evolution] Tasks Dissappear - RESOLVED

On Sat, 2004-05-22 at 16:30, Jason A Miller wrote:
On Sat, 22 May 2004, Donald D Henson wrote:

It seems I spoke too soon. I still have a problem with the task list. I
have the same system installed on my laptop and the tasks work just fine
there. I can even transfer the task folder to the laptop and the tasks
show up just like they're supposed to. I'm a little tired right now so
tomorrow I'll start comparing the folders to each other.

Interesting problem.

I would tend to think that if the symptoms change at all based on the install
of the distro then maybe the problem is occuring in the data-server libraries?

You might try upgrading to the latest version of evolution-data-server and see
if the issues still occur. I may be completely off base there, but somebody
else from the dev team can correct me and tell me to shut up if I'm completely
off base here. Just kind of trying to make an educated guess for ya.

--- J A Miller (Linuxdevr)

Interesting? Yes. Disclaimer: I have no idea why the following works.
I'm just reporting what I did that, in the end, seems to have fixed the

Made a backup of ~/evolution
Uninstalled evolution, evolution-devel, multisync-evolution (used YaST)
Deleted ~/evolution & emptied trash just to make sure it was gone
Rebooted computer - Seems to be necessary but I did eat some system
Reinstalled evolution, evolution-devel, multisync-evolution (used YaST)
Logged out, restarted X-server, Logged in, Tested Task entry (it worked)
Restored ~/evolution/contacts folder - Had to set permissions
Restored ~/evolution/archive - Tested Task entry (it worked)
Restored ~/evolution/Inbox - Tested Task entry (it worked)
Restored ~/evolution/Sent - Tested Task entry (it worked)
Logged out, restarted x-server, logged  in, Tested Task entry (DID NOT
Rebooted computer - more downtime
Tested Task entry, appointment entry, e-mail functions, etc
Everything works as far as I can tell. I've even restarted X several
times and evolution just keeps on working.

I typed this in the hopes that the developers might be able to discern a
clue or two. If not, well at least I've got my evolution working again.
By the way, if anyone needs any further info, please ask.

Don Henson

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