Re: [Evolution] Tasks Dissappear

On Sat, 2004-05-22 at 16:22, Donald D Henson wrote:
On Mon, 2004-04-26 at 15:05, Donald Henson wrote: 
On Sat, 2004-04-24 at 14:23, Donald Henson wrote: 
(SuSE 9.0, Gnome 2.2.2, Evolution 1.4.6)

When I try to enter a new task in either the task list or in the task
list in the calendar view, as soon as I press either the 'Enter' key or
the 'Tab' key, the task info disappears. I have the option "Hide
completed tasks after 1 day" set but that shouldn't affect future tasks.
I searched Bugzilla and couldn't find anything similar so I am assuming
that I'm doing something obvious (to others) and/or stupid.

Has anyone had this or a similar problem? Can you point me in the
direction to solve this problem? Any assistance/suggestions appreciated.

Don Henson

More data. I had occasion to reboot my system (I know. I know.).
After booting was complete, the tasks that I had entered earlier,
which had not shown up in the task list, now magically showed up.
However, when I tried to enter more tasks, they did NOT show up.
This has got to be a major clue but why am I the only one with it?
As before, any assistance will be appreciated.

Don Henson

Just to finish this off, the problem described above went away after a
fresh install of SuSE 9.1. I just have to be more careful of what
kinds of updates I do in the future.

Don Henson

I was having this issue with one of my task folders.  What I did to fix
it was I shut down evolution, then ran

evolution --force-shutdown

on the command line, to really get all evolution components down, then I
restarted evolution, and everything seemed to work properly again.

Hope this helps.

John Guthrie
guthrie counterexample org

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