Re: [Evolution] HTML mail

On Sat, 22 May 2004, Eric Schaefer wrote:

So why would you want to send the plaintext along with the html anyways?

I dont think there is a RFC that deals with overriding user preferences
for mail display (mail encoding is another chapter). If I want all my
mail displayed as rot39 encoded plaintext, blue text on red background,
the MUA ought to display it that way.

You're absolutely right, it should (and does). However, there is a "clause"
in the RFC that says that if a message was sent with both and the MUA doesn't
know which one to display, it should prefer HTML. In other words, _if_ the user
hasn't selected to prefer one or the other, HTML is the default. Just thought
I'd throw that in for clarification.

--- J A Miller (Linuxdevr)
jmiller chipnet homelinux com

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