Re: [Evolution] Future of Evolution

On Fri, 2004-05-21 at 14:56, Ron Johnson wrote:
Regarding in-line PGP, the developers are tired of answering the
same question that has been asked twice a week since forever.

Although it does make you wonder what bizarre twist of temporary
insanity goes on in Jeff's head that he actually writes responses to
people who ask about inline PGP. Maybe he gets a kick out of it?

I think we should rename this mailing list
"evolution-does-not-do-inline-pgp-and-may-never lists ximian com"

[<grin> Have a nice weekend, Jeff :)]


Andrew Frederick Cowie
Operational Dynamics Consulting Pty Ltd

Australia +61 2 9977 6866   North America +1 646 472 5054

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