[Evolution] FWIW

As an alternative to Evolution 1.4 (RedHat RHEL3 AS + custom stuff) for
an 800+ user Amsterdam high-school Linux Terminal Server Project
(constraints: multiple-server memory, disk capacity, CPU, security,
network capacity) task, I spent this morning trying to get the latest
Thunderbird to approach what Evo can do. Bits succeeded, I got
frustrated, I'm back to Evo for this message, on this test rig - thank

According to the Thunderbird (or was if Firefox?) blurb, 90,000 lines of
code have been substituted for Mozilla code to achieve what has been
achieved in Thunderbird/Firefox. The result looks like an initial
attempt by a bunch of amateurs. Compared to my server-side dspam
anti-spam, the Thunderbird junk stuff is an utter disaster. *It is
horrible*. There's more than that, notwithstanding; spelling,
difficulties with multiple accounts and senders, smtp and IMAP AUTH;
much more.

How the limited Ximian crowd has achieved what it has, beats me. People,
just you find a better alternative to Evolution. The utter crunch comes
at LDAP implementation. The sub-crunch comes at IMAP and smtp
implementation. Sub-sub crunch at spelling checking (I have to check in
4 different languages), etc. The strange thing is, that Chris, Jeff and
Michael keep waving their hands in the air and saying "what Ximian has
produced for 1.4 is utter shit". Well, it isn't.

I'm *so glad* to be back.



We make out of the quarrel with others rhetoric
but out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry.

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