Re: [Evolution] popup Error sending password: -ERR /var/mail/[ID].pop lock busy! Is another session active

On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 23:29 +0200, Bastiaan Spandaw wrote:
Hi All,

9 colleagues and I pop the same 10 pop3 boxes.
We have "leave on server" set to on.

Every time the spool file is locked because one of us is popping the box
I get this popup.

"Error sending password: -ERR [IN-USE] /var/mail/[ID].pop lock busy! Is
another session active"

Is this for a Help Desk/Tech Support type of operation?

You might think about using fetchmail+MTA+MDA+IMAP.

For example:
A. Create 10 accounts on the IMAP server.
B. Create 10 shared IMAP folders (I like Courier IMAP, since it
   uses Maildir, which keeps keeps each email in a separate file,
   eliminating file locking.)  Then, "link" the shared folders 
   to each of the 10 users' ~/Maildir folders.
1. fetchmail polls the 10 pop3 boxes every X minutes, and passes
   the emails to an MTA.
2. The MTA passes them on to an MDA (procmail or maildrop; Courier
   works well with maildrop.)
3. The MDA puts each email in it's appropriate shared IMAP folder.

After all that takes place, each of the 10 users can see and
share the emails from the 10 pop3 boxes.

Ron Johnson <ron l johnson cox net>

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