Re: [Evolution] no evo snapshots in red-carpet

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 07:36 +0100, Conrad O'Dea wrote:
On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 09:13 -0700, Eric Lambart wrote:
On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 07:35 +0100, Conrad O'Dea wrote:
Hi Eric, 

On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 09:01 -0700, Eric Lambart wrote:
is there some reason why I can't see the Evo development snapshots in
red-carpet?  I am running XD2 on RH9 and am pretty up-to-date.  Is there
any way of forcing rc to pick up the snapshots.  Staying current is a
bit of a pain otherwise.  Not much of a pain, just a bit.

Well, you can click the Refresh button on the RC toolbar.  If there's a
new snapshot, that should show you.  There don't seem to be regular
snapshots these days (I have RH9 too), so don't expect a new one every

unfortunately Ive never been able to install snapshot with rc, so it's
not just the regularity of the snapshots.

And you're subscribed to the "Evolution Development Snapshot" (not
"Evolution Snapshot", I guess that's something else--1.4.x or something)

Yup, the development snapshot.  On a fresh install of RH9 (without
installing XD2) I can see the snapshots in RedCarpet.  I guess either
XD2 or something else I have installed over the years has eclipsed the
evo development packages.  

Any chance you downloaded Red Carpet 2.2.3?  I installed that last week,
and was a bit dubious when it depended on a snapshot version of rcd (the
Red Carpet daemon).  Ever since I installed it, it's become useless.
The "Updates" page always says my system is up-to-date (I never
installed all the 'suggested' updates before, so I know it's not).  It
seems to have lost track of which installed software came from which
channel, so it can't compare installed vs. available version numbers
(everything in "Installed Software" says "Channel=None").

I guess I'm going to have to remove RCD via the command line and install
an older version from scratch (I didn't have RC's 'rollback' feature
enabled before).


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