Re: [Evolution] IMAP Deleting Email

In the job I have I work as a consultant who watches a 'queue' which is
an email box. A request for a design or help will come into the Exchange
mailbox and I (or any number of other consultants) will review the
request then pull it into our personal mailbox to work on it. I just
found out that since I moved to Evolution when I go into the mailbox and
pull an emial it is removed on my client but all the other consultants
see the emial as having been read by me but it is still their. The only
way I can remove the emial is to open Outlook and delete the emial. My
evolution setup is as follows. As I can only have one "exchange" account
I have it setup for my emial addresss (jeremey wise agilysys com) but
the other mailboxes are setup as IMAP connections. I have tried copying
the email and then telling it to delete, forwarding it, or my prefered,
drag and drop. Again, it shows up as having been removed in Evolution
but not for all the other Exchange users.

I am not sure I got exactly what you are about. You are moving mails,
which are not visible in the source folder after you moved them?

Yep, moving mails sure will "delete" (actually, "mark for deletion", see
below) the mail in the source folder. This likely is, why everyone else
still sees them.

If this is the case, uncheck View / [] Hide Deleted Messages (which will
show any "marked for deletion" mails) or have a look at your Trash
folder to see the just moved (deleted) mail there -- until you trigger
Expunge or Emtpy Trash actions.

More information about "deleting", which I posted some months ago:

Deleting a mail does not instantly erase the mail, but mark it for
deletion (just like most other mailers do it, too). You have the option
of still seeing these "deleted" mails or not.

Moving mails is simply a "copy and delete" action, therefore anything
said about deleting applies for moving, too.

The Trash actually only is a vFolder (virtual Folder) which lists all
mails marked for deletion.

To permanently erase the "deleted" (actually marked for deletion) mails
from disk, use Actions / Expunge (current folder) or Actions / Empty
Trash (all folders). You can setup Evolution to Empty Trash on Exit, so
you will not have to manually empty the trash.

I hope, this clears things up...


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