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David Kmoch wrote:


I'm using categories for my contacst (have evolutionperson schema on
LDAP; categories are saved fine as multivalued attribute - checked with
slapcat) so I thought that searching/displaying contacts by category
will work from scratch but...

When I try using for example 'Category is Personal', I get none
Wombat spits:

 (Wombat:13224): wombat-pas-WARNING **: unknown query property

 searching server using filter: objectClass=MyBarnIsBiggerThanYourBarn

 (Wombat:13224): wombat-pas-WARNING **: search returned 0

Using filter 'Any field is Personal' works fine displaying contacts I want (just check,
I know that is not bullet-proof solution).

So, what I'm missing?
Also, is there a possibility to manualy edit 'Category Master List' (I mean where is
it stored in filesystem and in what format)?



I just made a patch for the bug

(the patch is on that page).

I made a patched debian package for sarge/sid...if you want to have it contact me...


the Category Master List is stored in gconf, there:

gconftool-2 --get /apps/evolution/general/category_master_list

it is an XML set it I use a script:

#/usr/local/bin$ cat

gconftool-2 -s -t string /apps/evolution/general/category_master_list "`cat /etc/evolution-skets/category-master-list.skel`"

#:/usr/local/bin$ cat /etc/evolution-skets/category-master-list.skel
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<catlist><cat a="Internal"/><cat a="Customers"/><cat a="Suppliers"/><cat a="Prospects"/><cat a="Business relationships"/><cat a="Private"/></catlist>#:/usr/local/bin$

hope this helps,


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