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Not Zed wrote:

On Tue, 2004-03-23 at 19:06 -0500, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

Cc:ing evolution ximian com because I don't know all the answers...

On Tue, 2004-03-23 at 18:23, Joep Blom wrote:
I have now worked with evolution 1.4 for several weeks and thanks to
your answers I start liking it more and more. It is one of the best
programs I have encountered with respect to userfriendliness and ease of
use. Of course you also wants more.  I therafore wonder if there is a
possibility to use the contacts in the mailmerge facilities of for
example OpenOffice Word (or it's Sun's version) of
I'm not sure what mailmerge is, I'm not overly familiar with OpenOffice
and the like beyond the simple stuff like writing simple text documents
(I'm not much of a "power user")

Jeff! Mate!  Mailmerge is as old as the hills, even my C=64 word
processors did it.  Its where you put custom fields into a form letter
based on a database, thus generating 'n' targetted letters.

Anyway this is a question for open office people.  oo might do it, i
doubt staroffice would talk directly to evo.

evolution maillist  -  evolution lists ximian com

In open office you set evolution as a data source then use the data source you create for mail merge. This is NOT a evolution question though its an open office question (so email me off list if you need more details). I've not tried it with any other kind of word proscessor. (anyone have any idea why the Catlog data doesn't get imported along with the rest) a related question, is there any easy way to export Evolution data to a ldap server?

Carl Parrish(cparrish carlparrish com)
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