Re: [Evolution] Can't send mail using Evolution 1.4.6.mdk

hi peter,

On Mo, 2004-06-28 at 18:57 +0100, Peter James wrote:
I can't send mail using Evolution 1.4.6. running under Mandrake 10. and KDE.  
I can receive mail OK, but when I attempt to send I get the following error 
"Error while performing operation: Can not send message:  no recipient 
The Email recipient is defined in the header of the email, and the pop and 
smtp servers are defined in the configuration set-up.  Can anyone help?  TIA

if it isn't confidential data, could you post the header?

perhaps you took a recipient from your addressbook without an email
address, or you did not put a recipient into the To:, but only into the
are there any other emails in your outbox? sometimes evolution refers to
another message and does not at first send the message which is "on top"
in your outbox, and stops sending other messages if one of them could
not be sent.

...normally evolution really got a reason to show this error
message. :-)

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