[Evolution] Red-Carpet update breaks Printing


I use Evolution 1.4.6 as my e-mail agent. I am running Red hat Linux 9
(Shrike) as my OS. I recently updated my system using Red-Carpet. Among
other things, Red-Carpet updated libgnomeprint as well. However, after I
had upgraded my system, I couldn't see any of my installed printers in
Evolutionl. In the printing menu, I get only two options - print to a
Generic Printer printer, and create a PDF file. When I print to a
Postscript Printer, my default system printer prints out a page saying
that there is a configuration error. I tried uninstalling and
reinstalling my printers, but without any success. This broke the
printing in not only evolution, but also in other GNOME applications,
like gedit. However, I can print perfectly fine from OpenOffice. Is
there a way to correct this error? Why did this happen? Did Red-Carpet
overwrite something it shouldn't have?


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