[Evolution] Empty attachment window


This is a follow-up of the problem that was already described by Gerhard
Maier <gemei2 web de> in this list under the subject "Empty attachment

I am sorry not to reply to this thread, but i subscribed to the list
just now.

I experience the very same problems. (No icons for the attachments)
My distribution ist Debian unstable (sid) and I have the version 1.4.6-3
of the evolution debian package installed. My window manager is kde.

Not every attachment is invisible. For example jpegs are shown with the
Whats missing is an icon for .pdf files for example. The attachment is
just invisible.

I tried all the solutions that were described earlier. (installing
libgdk-pixbuf, hicolor-icon-theme, gnome-icon-theme) but nothing works.

What works and might help you to figure out the problem is to call
gnome-theme-manager and select _any_ theme. After that i see the icons.
But only for the one session and it totally screws the fonts and
keyboard settings under kde till a restart.

I tried to find differences in the strace output before and after
calling gnome-theme-manager, but i couldn't find anything that would
have given any hint.

Any ideas?

best regards,
Robert Taurok

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