[Evolution] The long jump

Isn't this beautiful?
It well could be share value of  (put the company ticker you dislike here) and make me a lot less happier than this does. It's the "New" bug count for Evolution. A roller coaster any development team would love to ride down.
As 2.0 approaches this talks about what we can expect. The most robust, excellent, complete, nice and definitely cute tool for "integrated mail, addressbook and calendaring functionality in the GNOME desktop."

That said I give an ovation Evolution hackers (not an standing one at this point: that will be when we go gold) and all the community who has been involved in all aspects of Evolution.
The last months in this chart should be a source of pride to everyone involved in Evolution, from Design Team to end users who take a little time to report what seems small annoyances.

I have to give special thanks to all people who has been involved in bugzilla work doing the silent and important duty of squashing bugs.

So, as usual, join us in this wonderful and interesting sport of hunting bugs, this Thursday from 15:00 to 1:00 GMT (9:00 to 19:00 CST) in irc.gnome.org#evolution and take together that graph to the ground!

Gerardo Marin

Novell QA Engineer

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