Re: [Evolution] Mail arrival sound

I spent a lot of time trying to reproduce this bug in the past, and
never could reproduce it. I tried configuring my system the same as
users' systems who complained about this. Nada. Still always got sound
to play.

The funny thing is that other users complained that whenever they got a
new message, it would play the sound 20 or 40+ times. I could never
reproduce that nor see how that could possibly happen either.

So as far as I can tell, the Evolution code is/was fine. Likely, the
only way this will ever get fixed (if there truly is a bug?), is for
someone out there that can reproduce this bug, to track it down and send
us a patch. Anything short of that and it's likely to never get fixed.

It's as simple as that.

If I can't reproduce and Michael can't reproduce and QA can't reproduce
and we can't find anything that looks "maybe wrong", then there's no
possible way for us to fix it.


On Thu, 2004-06-17 at 09:44 +0800, Not Zed wrote:
On Wed, 2004-06-16 at 18:18 -0700, Lonnie Borntreger wrote: 
On Wed, 2004-06-16 at 16:29 -0700, Des Dougan wrote:
I'm running 1.5.9, and was able to confirm a suspicion I've had for a
while - on my system (SuSE 9.0, KDE 3.1), I'm only hearing my mail
arrival sound when a) I'm in the folder where the message is being
delivered to (sorted via server-side procmail processing dovecot IMAP
mail) or b) when the message is not sorted and is therefore delivered to
an IMAP Inbox (I have two IMAP accounts set up on this box).

Can anyone else confirm this - I assume there's not a bug open, as I
recall Jeff saying it seemed to work for him.

I can confirm that I get sounds from all gnome and kde apps that I run,
except for new mail notification on evolution.  Even clicking on the OK
for a meeting reminder generates a sound, but not new mail.

I have filters turned on for all my IMAP accounts.  This worked fine for
me until I updated to gnome 2.6 - which was a while ago.

I'm running Mandrake Cooker.

I think I'll create a POP account and see if that does mail
This is a different issue.  No sound from evo at all.  I don't know
why, we just call gnome_play_sound.


Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>

Novell's Evolution and Free
Software Developer

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