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And, there's a very real and legitimate reason to ask for a return

Supporting read receipts would be a feature worth implementing, agreed.
(Although I am speaking for others here only, as I will never ever use

Anyway, folks need to understand that requesting a read receipt and not
getting anything in return *is* *not* an *evidence* of not reading the
mail. Which folks don't understand.

From what I recall, there are two separate notifications under the
standard.  One indicates the message was delivered.  The other
indicates that the message was opened.  Neither indicates that the
user actually looked at and comprehended the message, but it's a

Just to clarify, I did not mean you in particular by "folks". It just
keeps happening, that I get asked, why I did not read a mail -- just
because I did not send that receipt of course...

Users should be taught the tools the use. Users don't know about Bcc and
when to use either. *sigh* But this gets totally off-topic.

It's not an invasion of privacy.

It actually is.
If I recall correctly (and I admit I might not), the standard allows
for an implementation in which both types of notification can be
refused.  There's your privacy. 

Unless Ximian implements some features that aren't important to
but are important to its users, evo will be relegated to "toy"
I'm currently struggling to remain with my current distro of SuSE
+Ximian in my business, but the lack of meaningful support in both
components is forcing my hand to look around for another solution.

Do whatever pleases you. You don't expect to get features implemented by
comments like the above, do you?

Well, like I said, I posted the request in bugzilla for evo 0.8.  From
what I recall, it was one of the more popular requests at that time.
Each upgrade I do, I look for that feature (e.g., 1.2, 1.4, etc.).
Here I am at evo 1.4.6 and it's still not implemented.  Holding back
comments like the above hasn't seemed to help much.

Right, neither helps. Comments like that only have great flame-war

This is Free Software. If you need a feature, write it. Or pay someone
to do it. This already happened in the past.

And, the above quote wasn't an attempt to get this particular feature
implemented.  It was simply a statement of fact.  I'm currently trying
to buy support from Ximian (for other problems) but I can't seem to do
it.  Their site bounced me to Novell's site and that site had no
reference to Ximian support (at least none that I found -- again, I
admit to human fallibilty and may have just overlooked it, but I
looked pretty carefully).

Hmm, I doubt, the relevant Ximian/Novell folks do read this. Maybe
someone at Ximian headquarter can poke them?

I have e-mail to Novell support asking how to buy Ximian support --
can't tell if it's been delivered ;-).

After 4 hours (4 days if the first fails) without a delivery failure
notification the mail likely has been delivered successfully. At least
it should be way more likely than not receiving a read receipt and
therefore assuming the mail hasn't been delivered. ;-)

I have another, separate post in the users list for help getting paid
support.  How many other business users can you think of that would
put up with this as long as I have (months, if anyone is counting)?

That list is dedicated to "General discussion of Ximian software". It is
no official support channel. In the spirit of Free Software, there are a
lot of users helping other users -- just like this list -- with a
minority (by count) of staff reading and writing.

Personally, I find it rather amazing that I can't find someone to take
my money on behalf of Ximian.  I'm sure the offers will start pouring
in from list members; however, I need someone who can actually credit
my support account.

Although I won't decline money, I am here to help for free.

Anyway, I hope that lends perspective to my earlier post.

No offense taken. In fact I just felt like commenting and honestly did
not like the last comments.


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