Re: [Evolution] Default Browser

When I click a html link in a message within Evolution it always
brings up Epiphany whereas 
I prefer Konqueror. Where can I set the browser default. 
Is this a feature of Evolution or the Desktop KDE.

What's your DE?

Doesn't matter. Evolution as a Gnome app will only respect Gnome
settings. Unless eventually there will be a desktop independent way...

In GNOME 2.6, there's the gnome-default-applications-properties
app, which lets you specify which app you want as your browser,
email app, text editor & xterm.


Here are some more infos, in case you don't have that capplet installed:


char *t="\10pse\0r\0dtu\0  ghno\x4e\xc8\x79\xf4\xab\x51\x8a\x10\xf4\xf4\xc4";
main(){ char h,m=h=*t++,*x=t+2*h,c,i,l=*x,s=0; for (i=0;i<l;i++){ i%8? c<<=1:
(c=*++x); c&128 && (s+=h); if (!(h>>=1)||!t[s+h]){ putchar(t[s]);h=m;s=0; }}}

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