Re: [Evolution] Can't expand folders in Evo 1.5.9

On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 19:15, Eric Lambart wrote:
Well, I answered some of my own questions.  I rolled back to the RPMs on
my other machine, from last week.  This devolution allows me to run
Evolution.  Second, I subscribed to XD2 channel and the newest RH9
version of GTK2 available is something like 2.24.

Sorry for the questions, Jeff, but your answer, while doubtless true,
was rather short on details or explanation.  So I'm still curious
(anxious, actually) to know what's going on.  Is the new dependency the
result of a mistake, or are we really going to need at least GTK+ 2.4.x
to use and test future versions of Evolution?

gtk+ 2.4.x are currently the only gtk+ releases with the gtktreeview
expander fix. the patch was also applied to gtk+ 2.2.x CVS, but Owen has
not made a release with that fix included (if there is ever a 2.2.5,
then it will be in there).



On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 12:37 -0700, Eric Lambart wrote:
Oh boy.  Is that what's causing this error?
  "evolution: relocation error:
  /usr/lib/evolution/1.5/components/ undefined
symbol:    e_tree_selection_model_select_paths

The RPMs should have their dependencies updated so they don't install
without this library.  Now how can we rollback to an Evo version we can
use?  Or better yet, how are we supposed to upgrade to GTK+ 2.4.0?  I'd
love to use it, but it trashed my entire Gnome setup when I installed it
with Gimp 2.0, and I had to roll back to GTK+ 2.2.  2.4 is not available
via RedCarpet for RH9 AFAICT.  Do we have to use/subscribe to XD2 to get

If this dependency is here to stay, and RH9 GTK+ 2.4 packages aren't going
to be provided, does that means Evolution 2.x is not going to be supported
for RH9 users, after all?


Jeffrey Stedfast said:
upgrade gtk to 2.4.0


On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 11:11, Golden, James wrote:
Anyone had this issue.

I just upgraded to the last snapshot of evolution today 1.5.9.  Now
when Evo starts my mail folders "On This Computer" are collapsed.
When I click the arrow to expand it crashed ever time.

Any help would be appreciated.


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