[Evolution] 1.5 Connector Please -IMAP Folder Transfers

I don't mean to be a pest but I have this one kind of important issue
with Evolution that caused me great consternation today. My mailbox ran
out of space as I forgot to "expunge" my deleted folder and so I got
some messages that I was over my quota. Problem was that once evolution
starts it tries to get my backlog of emails and send the ones that did
not complete in sending when I closed it out.

My only recourse is to move my designs which I archive in email out to
my "Local Folder" so they are removed from my mailbox. In MS Outlook
this was not an issue. I had an archive rule which took my folder
"Designs" and all sub folders. If they had not been touched for 60days
would automatically move them into my PST file. Issue is that I can not
drag-n-drop these folders from my "Jeremey Wise Agilysys com\designs\"
folder into "Local Folders\Archives\Designs". It would be nice to have a
script to do it but even manual at this point is better than nothing. I
have to re-create each folder and drag each email group for that folder.
1) Based on emails. 1.5 has this feature but I have to use Connector so
I am stuck with 1.4. Is 1.5 in a state I can test Connector?
2) Is it possible to move the folders directly. ie "cp ~/evolution....."
to get the job done or will this muck up something?
3) Are their any plans for any auto-archiver?
4) It would seem that due to Connector having to 'sync' with Echange
their would be no possibility to have a filter that moves ALL email into
"Local Folders" then reruns filters to spit out email into user-group
folders, trash, spam..... Whereby I can "go offline" and still have my
corporate emails. Is this correct?

PS: Is their a way that I can have separate signatures based to whom the
email is destined. ie. I like having my full info default filled in for
most all my corp email but user groups I would like to pull my phone and
info (forgot to a couple of times and started getting calls from LUG

-- Thanks,,

Jeremey Wise

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