Re: [Evolution] 1.5 Connector Please -IMAP Folder Transfers

On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 15:52 -0400, Wise, Jeremey wrote:
1) Based on emails. 1.5 has this feature but I have to use Connector so
I am stuck with 1.4. Is 1.5 in a state I can test Connector?

1.5 has what feature?

Connector 1.5 is in a state where you can test it, yes (especially
mail), and I use it full time to read my mail, but it's a little flakier
than the rest of 1.5 still.

2) Is it possible to move the folders directly. ie "cp ~/evolution....."
to get the job done or will this muck up something?

The cache directories created by the Exchange provider aren't organized
in a way that any of the local providers would recognize, so this
wouldn't really work well. (And it wouldn't remove the messages from
your Exchange server anyway...)

3) Are their any plans for any auto-archiver?

Yes, autoarchive is in the long-term feature list. But the current Evo
schedule is that GNOME 2.8 in the fall will just ship with the current
release of Evolution 2.0.x, meaning there won't be any major new
features post-2.0 until next spring. (And we haven't planned out the
feature list for that release yet, so autoarchive may not make it for

4) It would seem that due to Connector having to 'sync' with Echange
their would be no possibility to have a filter that moves ALL email into
"Local Folders" then reruns filters to spit out email into user-group
folders, trash, spam..... Whereby I can "go offline" and still have my
corporate emails. Is this correct?

Um... I'm not really sure what you mean here. The fact that Connector
syncs with Exchange does not in any way affect what you can do with
filters. You can't "rerun" filters and have them do something different
the second time around[1], but there's no reason you'd need to anyway.
You can just make the rules filter messages directly from the Exchange
Inbox into whatever local folder you want them to end up in.

[1] Actually, you can, by assigning scores or tags to them in the first
round, and then filtering on those in the second round. But it's still
not clear why you'd need to.

PS: Is their a way that I can have separate signatures based to whom the
email is destined. ie. I like having my full info default filled in for
most all my corp email but user groups I would like to pull my phone and
info (forgot to a couple of times and started getting calls from LUG

Not really. You could create two different accounts with the same email
address and different signatures, but then you'd have to remember to
manually switch accounts, which isn't any easier than remembering to
manually switch signatures.

-- Dan

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