Re: [Evolution] Getting Evo to work with Maildir/ format

First, thank you for the clear expanation on how Evolution handles the
Maildir/ format.  I did not know to look in that subdirectory for the
three files, but indeed they are there.
  In fact, converting all the folders to maildir/ format creates an
identical set of three directories for each respective Evo Folder, a
nice touch.

On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 12:32, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 18:25, Robert Krueger wrote:
  This is my second attempt on this forum to get Evo 1.4 to work with
mailboxes in the maildir/ format.  I did get a useful suggestion from
another member, which raised my spirits with something new to try, but
still nothing works.
  I absolutely love Evolution, and am trying everything possible to get
it to work.  I have right-clicked on Inbox/Properties

this just changes the underlying format of the folder from mbox to
Maildir, it doesn't do anything noticeable for the user.

after you change that property, look at ~/evolution/local/Inbox/mbox

it will now be a directory with cur, new, tmp dirs under it containing
your mail.

that's all that option does.

, and set it to
Maildir/ format.  I also set that format generally under
Tools/Settings/Mail Accounts/Receiving to Maildir/ format style from the
original POP style.

huh? that's not a global option to make folders into Maildir format if
that's what you were thinking... that just creates a new account that
reads Maildirs instead of POP.

  Nothing works, yet if I bring up KMail and point it
to the same directory, all the messages appear.  I have done nothing
different in the setup between the two MUA's.

where do you expect them to appear in Evolution? my guess is that you
are just looking in the wrong place.

   There must be some bug or something not explained, a "trick" perhaps
that I'm not aware of.   Whatever it is, can someone help me fix this?

create a Maildir account, then do View->Folder Tree and look for a bold
node that has the account name you provided in the account editor.

  Huh?  I looked all over, and I have no selection.  I'm using 1.4.

tada... you have a Maildir tree in your folder tree.


  The only remaining question is that I am able to point KMail to the
existing directory to see all the incoming mail, which currently is
/home/robert/Maildir/.  If I understand you correctly, I must now point
PostFix and Procmail to deliver mail instead to
/home/robert/evolution/local/Inbox/mbox, as evolution establishes the
location for the directories instead of using already established
directories.  Is this true?
   One last thought. ( ooops...)  If I apply the filters to the mail
coming to Inbox, shouldn't I convert any other folders to the maildir/
format as well, or doesn't it matter?

Thanks again for your clear and very helpful reply,

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