[Evolution] Getting Evo to work with Maildir/ format

  This is my second attempt on this forum to get Evo 1.4 to work with
mailboxes in the maildir/ format.  I did get a useful suggestion from
another member, which raised my spirits with something new to try, but
still nothing works.
  I absolutely love Evolution, and am trying everything possible to get
it to work.  I have right-clicked on Inbox/Properties, and set it to
Maildir/ format.  I also set that format generally under
Tools/Settings/Mail Accounts/Receiving to Maildir/ format style from the
original POP style.  Nothing works, yet if I bring up KMail and point it
to the same directory, all the messages appear.  I have done nothing
different in the setup between the two MUA's.
   There must be some bug or something not explained, a "trick" perhaps
that I'm not aware of.   Whatever it is, can someone help me fix this?


Using SuSe 9.0

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