Re: [Evolution] Multiple POP accounts, one inbox?????

On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 12:37, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
POP don't work like IMAP. POP is POP and IMAP is IMAP. POP is for
lusers, IMAP is for people.

POP is also the default for the vast majority of regular users. While I
recognize that the attitude of many elitists is that such users are
somehow lesser beings, its not an attitude that will survive much
longer, given the plans for Linux in general and Evolution in particular
to penetrate areas that Windows has long been king: the home market and
the SMB sector.

So enjoy your attitude while you can. Once Novell/SuSE/Ximian starts
reaching out to more of those markets, the less tolerance they will have
for responses like yours in what is, after all, an "official" support

-Bob James
Pentar InfoSystems    KeyID: FEBEC3DB

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