[Evolution] preferred web browser


I don't know if this might be more appropriate for a Mozilla/Firebird
discussion, but I thought I would try here first.

I want Evolution to use Firebird as my default browser when I click on a
link within an email.

I used Mozilla previously, and ran
"gnome-default-application-properties" to set this preference. It worked
fine with mozilla.

However, with Firebird, clicking on a link will only work if I don't
already have an instance of Firebird already running. If I already have
Firebird running, and click on a link in an email, I get the standard
"Select User Profile" dialog, with my default profile selected and
telling me that Firebird is already running.

How can configure this so that it will work correctly?
If this is more of a Firebird issue, please let me know, and I'll bother
the folks over there.

Thanks much,

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