Re: [Evolution] "message contains" as the default mail search type

Guenther, that did it.  Pretty nice design, too, if a change like that
is so simple.  Thanks much.  Scott

On Mon, 2004-01-26 at 11:48, guenther wrote:
On Mon, 2004-01-26 at 19:51, Scott Otterson wrote: 
Having just updated to evolution 1.4.5, I see that the mail search type
default has changed from "message contains" to "subject contains."  

Is there any way I can change it back?  Gconf or something?

You can change this in your ~/evolution/searches.xml file.

If you have any saved searches, they are on top of that file in the
<rule grouping="any" source="incoming"> section. Skip them.

The searches options for the Search dropdown box are defined in the
following <rule grouping="any" source="demand"> sections, where order
matters for the display. Just change the oder, that means, set the
entire block

    <rule grouping="any" source="demand">
      <title>Message contains</title>

before the block containing "Subject contains" as <title> content.


If you wanna customize this site-wide (takes only affect for new users
AFAIK) see /usr/share/evolution/1.4/default_user/searches.xml.

Have fun...


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