Re: [Evolution] Using Evolution with Maildir/ format

  I'm trying to get Evolution to read the mail coming in via
Postfix/Procmail/SA using the Maildir/ format-style of mailbox, but so
far no luck.   KMail works fine, no problems, but Evolution is
stubbornly refusing to read this mail.   I've followed all the normal
setup procedures in the docs.
   Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Does right-click on a mail folder / Properties solve your issue? Set the
New Store Format to "maildir" and that folder gets converted.

Once you have set one folder to the maildir format, have a look at the
directory structure and the contents in the ~/evolution/local/
hierarchy. To create new maildir folders bypassing Evolution, see the
XML files, especially the type value of the folder section in

You probably even can make the mbox/ directories symlinks and therefore
pointing to other directories.



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