Re: [Evolution] "message contains" as the default mail search type

sure, that'd be acceptable.


On Mon, 2004-01-26 at 15:08, Benjamin Kahn wrote:
Maybe the default should be: "Sender or Subject contains" like Mozilla
uses?  It's a fast search, and seems to be the most common things I
search for.  (It might also be interesting to try headers contain...)

On Mon, 2004-01-26 at 14:50, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
it was change don purpose, because message-contains is often too slow
(especially over imap).


On Mon, 2004-01-26 at 13:51, Scott Otterson wrote:
Having just updated to evolution 1.4.5, I see that the mail search type
default has changed from "message contains" to "subject contains."  

Is there any way I can change it back?  Gconf or something?

One of the best evolution features was the ease of message searching.  I
have come to realize that this was simply because the default search
looked through all the message text.  With "Message contains" I can
almost always find the email I'm looking for on the first try.  I just
type in word I know was in the email, say, a person's name, or
"deadline" when I am looking for a certain date.  

It's not like that with the new "subject contains" default.  Not only
does the subject almost never contain a person's name, but it also
almost never contains the subject.  People seldom bother with a good
message title, and even if they did, the true subject of a thread
changes as messages get forwarded back and forth, and as the topic

So, "message contains" is the search type that locates emails with the
fewest tries.  With 1.4.5 as it is, I have an extra click to get to it
-- a minor annoyance but one that I hope is easily fixed.


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