[Evolution] Forward iCalendar - non-text message body


If anyone can help with this, I would appreciate it.

I am trying to send a meeting request in iCalendar format to several
recipients.  Whenever I do this, evolution creates an e-mail message
with the iCalendar request, and an "un-editable" message.  The Body
window displays the following text:

(The composer contains a non-text message body, which can not be edited)

I would prefer that the iCalendar file was included as an attachment,
and that the body of the message be editable text.  The reason for this,
is that not all of my meeting recipients are likely to have Evolution or
Outlook, so I want them to have an English invite to the meeting.

Is this possible in Evolution 1.4?  Is is perhaps just a setting that I
have wrong?

Thanks in advance,

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