Re: [Evolution] Forward iCalendar - non-text message body

On Fri, 2004-01-23 at 11:54, Patrick Toal wrote:
I would prefer that the iCalendar file was included as an attachment,
and that the body of the message be editable text.  The reason for this,
is that not all of my meeting recipients are likely to have Evolution or
Outlook, so I want them to have an English invite to the meeting.

Is this possible in Evolution 1.4?  Is is perhaps just a setting that I
have wrong?

It is not currently possible. It's an Outlook compatibility problem. :-/

I think the problem only happens with Outlook 2000 though, so maybe in
the next version of Evo, we should switch back to the old behavior of
putting the meeting request in an attachment, and have an obscure option
somewhere that Outlook 2000-using sites can use to downgrade to
O2k-compatible lack-of-functionality.

-- Dan

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