Re: [Evolution] Calander shows right date wrong day

(I sorta thought of that because when I pushed ahead work week by work
week, I think the problem clears up somewhere in 2005, but I digress.)

Everywhere I look on the "Mon 01 Feb - Sun 07 Feb" work week page from
the heading above the little calendar on the right, including the little
calendar, it says _2004_.  When I open up a new appointment it's showing
start time and end time in 2004.  Is there somewhere else I can go to
check if the year is set correctly?


On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 10:12, Richard Crawford wrote:
A stupid question, but...  Is the date set to the right year?

Michael said:

[I'm gonna try submitting this one more time.]

I'm running Evolution 1.0.8 on Mandrake 9.0.  (I know I'm a dinosaur).

Something happened and I had to fsck, during the fsck it said that some
Evolution file wasn't right and did I want to put it in lost and found.
I hit Y and when I got back into a session and clicked on the Evolution
shortcut it wanted me to enter my e-mail account information.  I went
through the steps and when I looked at my Inbox I was relieved to see
that none of my messages had been deleted.  All my e-mail folders were
okay.  When I looked at my Calendar it was jumbled up.  I corrected the
view to what I normally use, a "work week" with a seven day view from
Sunday to Saturday.  Once I set those preferences it looked okay, but I
noticed when I tried to look ahead to Feb 1, which should be a Sunday,
it shows it as Feb 1 but as a Monday, so the work
weeks go from Sunday to Saturday, Sunday to Saturday, and then in
February Monday to Sunday only the dates are right and the appointments
are in the right columns, but the day heading is wrong.  Any ideas on
how to fix this?

I could send screen shots if that would help.

Many thanks in advance.


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