[Evolution] Whitelist filtering

Good day,

Sorry if this ends up being a dup. I sent it yesterday, before I had
confirmed my subscription to the list and suspect it may have ended up
in the bit bucket.

I am trying to get whitelist filtering up and running. My current setup
is filtering off all the mail lists and is using spam assassin to
nuke all the spam. I know about spam assassin's whitelisting but would
prefer a user contact list based approach so I can maintain one set of
spam assassin files for all users.

I came across Cliff Wells python script to test against all address in
Evolutions contact db. I have it working from the command line but I'll
be darned if I can integrated it within Evolution. The script is
expecting to be called with an address, ie 

        whitelist.py somebody somecompany somedom

My problem is I can't figure out how to build a filter that calls the
script and passes the sender's address to be verified.


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