Re: [Evolution] My imap Trash folder :( and deleted emails...

guenther said:

Note: The Evolution "Trash" folder is a vFolder. That means, those
messages are still in the relevant mail Folder but marked for deletion.
They are removed permanently from that Folder when Expunging or Emtying


Is there any way to get Evolution to NOT use a vFolder for trash?  In
other words, I would rather it moved messages into the IMAP Trash folder
when I delete them.  Even marking for delete now and moving to Trash on
exit would be acceptable.

I would like this functionality for various reasons, but the one that got
me most recently was when I was connected to my mail from an offsite
system (using Squirrelmail) and I needed to look through my trash for a
message that I had deleted while connected from my laptop using Evo. 
Since Evo was set to expunge on exit, the message was gone and not

I know somebody will say that I shouldn't delete messages that I might
need later, but there are times that somebody will ask a question that I
saw answered just the other day in a message that I deleted.  Being able
to look through the trash can be a big help in cases like that.

With other mail systems that move deleted messages to the Trash folder, I
used to have a cron job that would kick off every night and "expunge" any
messages that were more than X number of days old (I typically set X to
30).  That way I could delete messages that I wasn't immediatly interested
in, but still have a grace period if I change my mind.

Dwight N. Tovey
email: dwight dtovey net
Because we don't think about future generations, they will never forget us.

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