Re: [Evolution] How to import my Evolution into outlook express ?

hi leonardo,
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Am Mit, 2004-01-14 um 17.50 schrieb Ing. Leonardo Vergara:
How to import my Ximian Evolution  1.4  into outlook express ?

evolution stores its mails in "mbox" format.
everything is stored within your home-directory in a directory named
"evolution" (if you use evolution 1.5, it's named ".evolution").
[it's possible to convert mails into "mh" or "maildir" format by
right-clicking on your mailfolder(s) in evolution and choose

this is all i can tell you. mbox is a very widespread format, so check
if outlook express supports importing it, and if not, please ask
micros~1 if there are tools or anything in their program to import
standard unix mailboxes.

hope this helps you a bit,


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