Re: [Evolution] My two problemos

On Fri, 2004-01-09 at 10:09, guenther wrote:
BTW: Evolution 2.0 will come with built in SpamAssassin based junk mail
filtering built in. :)

Will only SpamAssassin be supported?  I have been using spamprobe, and
I'd hate to see the database I've built up be thrown away.  Similarly,
others use Bogofilter, and so on.

Now of course, each of these programs use different APIs, but at the
core, it seems that what is needed from the UI perspective are
buttons/key-combos to reclassify spam as ham, and visa-versa.  I would
think that all that would be needed would be configuration options for
how to handle messages that such actions were taken on.

Of course, I suppose I could just continue my current method of labeling
the message as spam, and applying filters, but that's an annoying two
step process, especially since have to use the mouse to set labels...

  - Ian

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