Re: [Evolution] Best way to keep to Evolution on 2 PCs in sync?

On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 13:51, sbutler swiftdsl com au wrote:
Just wondering if anyone knows what would be the best way to keep
everything between 2 evolutions in sync. 

There are two issues:

1. Mailstore
2. Everything else (ie Contacts)

You've a couple options.

First of all, if IMAP is available as an option, you can always use that
on both sides. A variation on that theme is to use offlineimap as the
transport to create local Maildir/ spools on each machine and have
evolution talk to the spools locally.

As for the rest, two suggestions:


evolution --force-shutdown
scp -pr evolution/local/* othermachine:/home/user/evolution/local

b) Use a PDA as the conduit and sync to, and through, that.


Andrew Frederick Cowie
Operational Dynamics Consulting Pty Ltd

Australia: +61 2 9977 6866  North America: +1 646 472 5054

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