Re: [Evolution] Looking for a new Palm Pilot

Richard S. Crawford said:
I've had so many problems with my Palm Tungsten T that I'm giving
serious thought to replacing it.

What Palm device have people tried?  Which works best for you,
specifically with regards to syncing with your Linux box and Evolution
(I'm running RH 8)?

I used to use a Handspring Visor Prism with both RH 7.3 & RH 8.  This
worked fine over USB.

However, I recently managed to break it, so I replaced it with a Tungsten
C.    This has built-in WiFi, so I use that to sync it with my FC1 system
(haven't even tried syncing it over USB).  Works great.  The only time I
had any problems was when I wandered out of range of my WiFi access point
during a sync.

Dwight N. Tovey
email: dwight dtovey net

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