Re: [Evolution] Looking for a new Palm Pilot

I am running a Sony Clie T615C and synching with Evolution. I have always had problems making it work reliably (2 - 10 tries) when I push the hotsync button. Then I upgraded to the latest version of the conduit software through RedCarpet two days ago and it works the first time now! I suspect this will help all versions of the Palm OS based hardware.

Pick the unit that best fits your hand, I found the Tungsten T was too wide for me to use comfortably, but the Sonys were just narrow enough. Play with them in the store and see which ones feel good and if you like the placement of the buttons and scroll wheel.

Happy shopping!

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Richard S. Crawford wrote:

I've had so many problems with my Palm Tungsten T that I'm giving
serious thought to replacing it.

What Palm device have people tried?  Which works best for you,
specifically with regards to syncing with your Linux box and Evolution
(I'm running RH 8)?

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