Re: [Evolution] Keyboard shortcut to expand/collapse threads.

you can already use up/down arrow keys to navigate. I don't understand
what you mean?


On Sat, 2004-01-03 at 12:28, Lode Vermeiren wrote:
Is there a keyboard shortcut to expand/collapse threads of messages in
the convenient threaded view?
<ctrl><t> works for me - as you'll see under Vis -> Meldingsliste med
tråder in your top menu ;)

Unluckily C-t seems only to switch threaded view on and off in my 1.4.4
version.  What I'm looking for is a key that will collapse large threads
for "thread overview", and open them up again when I want to read a
particular one.
Use the left and right arrow keys to expand/collapse a particular
(doesn't expand/collapse all tho)

One thing about this is that this only works when the top of a tree is

- msg A
|__msg b

will collapse when msg A is selected.
It'd be nice to be able to walk up a tree with the arrows, like some
other clients do.

For example:

- msg A
|_- msg b
  |_ msg c

When msg c is selected, press left, left to collapse instead of up, up,
It's more intuitive (imho) to walk up and down a tree with the up and
down keys, and right and left (expanding and collapsing) with the
respective keys.

Best regards,

(ps: I hope you guys understand what I mean... I realise my wording
could be better)

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