Re: [Evolution] Evolution doesn't put the messages in correct folder


El sáb, 03-01-2004 a las 14:27, Philippe escribió:

On Sat, 2004-01-03 at 05:40, Pablo Rodríguez González wrote:
Hi guys,

When I send the messages, Evolution put these messages in generic "Sent
Messages", not in that folder.

The "solution" given by Cormac Long is working by the way on 1.4.5.

The problem is still in 1.4.5. I saw that bug yesterday, but no solution

Quote from Cormac:

"Folks the issue is still there after upgrading to the latest version..
I deleted the gconf.xml file and when I restarted evo, followed the
create accound instructions and re-added my account.

But again, if I re-assign the Sent messages folder, it reverts to the
default when I click the account edit button again.. exactly as
described above.

Any ideas?"

There isn't solution in 1.4.5, for Cormac and me, any other idea? :-)


Pablo Rodríguez González
Director General
pablo rodriguez iproyectos com
iProyectos Desarrollos Tecnológicos

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