Re: [Evolution] Evolution not filtering new messages

tor, 01.01.2004 kl. 03.35 skrev Joseph Mocker:

Also, IMAP is not just Courier, Cyrus, UW-IMAP or whatever, it's a bunch
of rfcs. You want me to throw them at you, I will - courtesy of Courier.
The point is, that when an IMAP server, whether it is Courier, Cyrus,
UW-IMAP or whatever has seen a message, the message has been *seen*. If
Lotus hasn't seen it, then Lotus is at fault. This has not anything to
do with Evo. When a message has been seen, SquirrelMail, Mozilla, Evo,
whatever, should report it as having been *seen*. All of these do for

I think Eric's point is that "been seen" should be a separate state
from "been filtered". Probably not a bad idea. At least to have an
option whether to filter on _all_ messages, or _not seen_ messages.

Although I am not intimately familiar with IMAP RFC's, I would think 
that the relevant "newness" of filtering in mail clients is not covered 
by any RFC. 

AFAICR, there has been a request for IMAP server-side filtering on the
Courier list (maybe I'm completely wrong and this was on the Cyrus list,
can't be bothered to check :( Don't know if this is covered in any rfc,
nor whether other IMAP implementations would have it (ditto), but it
seems a very good idea to me. Installing client filtering in Evo 1.4.5
and Mozilla >= 1.4 is easy, but it's a real chore in SquirrelMail 1.4.2
which has no point and click. Doing it once and for all for all clients
would be a blessing, just as shared directories is.

A good 2004 to all!


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