[Evolution] Dynamic SMTP settings

I am using Evolution 1.4.5 (avail in Debian sid) to read email from an 
IMAP server. Reading mail works fine.

The problem comes when I want to send mail back out. Depending on where 
the laptop is, I have to use different SMTP settings. For example, on 
COX.net (my home cable modem connection) I have to use COX's SMTP server 
(as they block all outbound port 25 connections) and everywhere else I can 
use an authenticated SMTP gateway I have set up.

Is there a way to have Evolution somehow switch which SMTP server to use 
based upon either an automatic check of domain or via something manual I 
can do (other than just reconfigure SMTP every time I go home or come to 
work ;-) ?

Something like this:
        if (on COX.net )
                use COX's SMTP
                use My SMTP AUTH gateway

I looked through the mail archives for this list (back to June 2002) and 
couldn't find someone with a similar problem. If there is a trivial soln 
feel free to RTFM me to a document somewhere ;-)

Sam Hart
University/Work addr. <hart physics arizona edu>
Personal addr. <criswell geekcomix com>
Alternative <criswell tux4kids net>

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