Re: [Evolution] Re: evolution hangs frequently when on adsl link

On Fri, 2004-02-20 at 15:59, Russell Fulton wrote:

OK so I now understand what evo means by ping -- I agree that calling it
a noop will be just as confusing to most users.  Heart beat is another
common term for such behaviour but again most users won't have a clue.

If ximian do decide to change the string I suggest a purely functional
description e.g. "waiting for response from server".

"IMAP keep alive"  or "preventing IMAP disconnect" might also be
reasonable. The problem is the wide user base. Technical folk would
understand any of the suggested messages (and perhaps debate the exact
technical accuracy of them), nontechnical users would likely be confused
by any of them. 


Brad Warkentin <brad warkentin rogers com>

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