[Evolution] Re: evolution hangs frequently when on adsl link

Hi Jeff,
First off, thanks for your helpful response.  For some reason I never
got a copy your reply from the list so I got this from the archive.

Thanks to others too who made helpful suggestions!

OK so I now understand what evo means by ping -- I agree that calling it
a noop will be just as confusing to most users.  Heart beat is another
common term for such behaviour but again most users won't have a clue.

If ximian do decide to change the string I suggest a purely functional
description e.g. "waiting for response from server".

nope and nope.

That's what I really wanted to know -- I'll focus my efforts on the network.

well, you can press the Stop button in the toolbar - 
that should force a disconnect (there's a few code paths where that 
doesn't work, but for the most part it should)

THanks for that!  In (much) older versions of evo the stop button often
did not work and I got into the habit of ignoring it.  This is a useful
work around while I sort out the network problems.

Hmmmm... after interrupting a 'ping' I now get a message box "Error
while 'retrieving message <random string>': no such file or directory"
when ever I try and access a message.  

When I try and change folder I get "Error while storing folder '<name>':
Error storing '<name>@<server>:INBOX': SUCCESS"

At least I can (I hope) shut evo down gracefully and restart without
having to either wait for timeout or kill processes.

Cheers, Russell

Russell Fulton                                    /~\  The ASCII
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