Re: [Evolution] evolution hangs frequently when on adsl link

Then why (1.4.5 and everything earlier) is the thing lying? Why does it
report anything at all? ping is ping (icmp echo request as a rule), noop
is noop.

As an outsider, I would venture to guess that most users of evolution
don't read the IMAP rfc, and therefore wouldn't really understand it if
evolution said, "sending noop". They probably do understand the general
sense of what is meant by "pinging IMAP server".

To quote Jeffrey Stedfast: "pretty standard for network apps...". No,
noop is pretty standard (the client don't usually report it at all), but
icmp echo request is not. That's just sinister.

For someone like you, it should be pretty obvious that evolution is not
sending an icmp echo request to the server.

Since just complaining about something is rarely useful, perhaps you
could simply recommend a different string, that would make more sense to
both you and the more common, less technical evolution user. If you have
feedback for something you don't like in a product, recommending an
improvement is always better than simply expressing your contempt.

just a thought.


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