Re: [Evolution] evolution hangs frequently when on adsl link

why do you always have to be so confrontational?

it's just a string.


On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 18:24 +0100, Tony Earnshaw wrote:

tor, 19.02.2004 kl. 15.54 skrev Jeffrey Stedfast:

> it doesn't ping the server, it sends a IMAP NOOP command which is
> supposed to prevent the server from closing the connection (lets the
> server know we are still there). It also tells us of updates.

Then why (1.4.5 and everything earlier) is the thing lying? Why does it
report anything at all? ping is ping (icmp echo request as a rule), noop
is noop.

To quote Jeffrey Stedfast: "pretty standard for network apps...". No,
noop is pretty standard (the client don't usually report it at all), but
icmp echo request is not. That's just sinister.

Probable reply from Jeffery Stedfast:

"It might get fixed in some future version, if someone can be bothered.
Do not trouble me with trivialities. *shrug*"

> *shrug*

Exactly ;)

> Jeff



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